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Partner with Geils

Geils partners with telecommunications carriers, distributors and corporations interested in marketing Geils services. To qualified partners, Geils can design customer products that can be rebranded for resale by our partners.

We specialize in provided managed services for International carriers. Frequently we peer networks with our carrier partners and then provide them with customized products such as our unlimited global calling product that are then rebranded and sold to end users.

We also offer opportunities for qualified distributors and agents interested in reselling our existing products and services.

Through our eCommerce partnership program, Geils provides free site development, hosting, global sales, marketing, customer service, and billing, payment processing, shipping and logistical support for qualified businesses worldwide in return for a portion of the revenues generated by our efforts.

Geils is constantly looking for innovative business partners with products and services that we can help sell through our eCommerce platforms.

Please contact is at so we can talk about how Geils can help grow your business.

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Geils offers Virtual Numbers, SIP Trunking, Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Toll-Free calling plans

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