Toll Free Phone Service

Geils offers Toll Free and Free Phone service from more than 30 countries.
Toll Free service can be added to any one of our hosted phone extensions plans.
Toll Free calls can also be used with your own IP Phone equipment or forwarded
to any mobile of landline phone.

Toll Free Numbers available from more than 30 countries

Low International Rates

Geils offers the lowest rate anywhere!

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Calling Features

View all of the included and optional features Geils has to offer.

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US National Toll Free

$ 29 99* /per channel
  • Includes 2,000 Toll Free minutes
  • Only $0.019 per minute for extra calls above 2,000 minutes
  • Unlimited Free outbound calling to the US, UK and Canada
  • Low international rates to the rest of the world
  • Free Full Featured Cloud PBX
  • IVR and Queue Routing
  • Forward your Toll Free calls to any number in the world for the additional cost of a VoIP call
  • Multiple and Flexible Trunk Configuration
  • Multiple IVRs, Queues available
  • Connect with Mobile, Desktop or IP Phones
  • Sophisticated Call Routing
  • Conferencing, Fax and additional features
  • Flex access from 50 countries
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Measured US and International Toll Free

$ 0 00 /per channel
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